Beauty and the good of EVO IOOC 2020

From May 29 to June 20, the whole world was the backdrop for the fifth edition of the 2020 EVO IOOC 2020. This year the competition took place with a mixed evaluation system: in the remote evaluation, the international judges in constant communication with each other and with the president and panel leader Dr. Antonio Giuseppe Lauro. For completeness, this panel was accompanied by an all-Italian jury.



EVO International Olive Oil Contest® promotes and enhances the sector of the highest quality extra virgin olive oil and the condiments (flavoured EVOO) with extra virgin olive oil, giving access to the competition only to producers who are able to guarantee the traceability and origin of their products. A panel of excellent judges tasters, with an international profile, will ensure the right procedure of the competition and the evaluation of the samples. The judges, of high technical and ethical standards from all over the world, engaged in the tasting sessions, are divided into committees – tasting panels – and will express themselves with professionalism and impartiality to decree the winners of the 2020 edition.

EVO IOOC 2020 does not stop and reward the bests extra virgin olive oil and flavoured EVOO in the world.

There were 15 days that involved the 25 international judges from 9 different countries in the tasting evaluation.

The final act of the EVO IOOC competition has awarded and revealed to the world the excellence for this year 2020. Unusual and elegant the mobile TV studio chosen to host – in time of pandemic – the award ceremony. The mobile studios, located in Piazza Municipio of the Municipality of Palmi, the political center of the Calabrian town immersed in the Costa Viola, has thus produced the event, already on-line on EVO IOOC’s Facebook page.

The fifth edition of EVO IOOC was, without a doubt, a different edition; more challenging, but in many ways rewarding – says Dr. Antonio G. Lauro, president of the competition. The organizational difficulties in the preparation of the event were matched by the support and encouragement of the companies involved in our project which has reached the milestone of its first five years. To all those who continue to believe in our work and encourage us to keep the commitment we have made, that is to say, the valorisation and promotion of EVOO and flavored EVOO, we have reserved some gifts. They have been made available for free to the winners 2020, the new stickers of EVO IOOC that can be placed on the packaging of EVOO and flavoured EVOO rewarded at 2020 EVO IOOC Italy. It is not a simple sticker – Lauro told – but a real seal of quality, which will allow to stimulate the commercial activity and promotion of extra virgin olive oils and condiments rewarded at the competition”.

2020 EVO IOOC reserves other surprises for the participating producers. A special Masterclass “Would you like to taste some EVOO with me?” Led by Dr. Lauro, it will be held in Palmi, on July 31, 2020. Free event for producers entered in the competition.

In addition, the new edition of the EVO IOOC Guide Buyers Edition 2020/2021, defined by the organizers as a “picture summary of the products that have established themselves in the last edition of the contest, has also been announced. The guide grows and becomes bilingual (Italian and English), to meet the many requests from readers”.

During the award ceremony, live worldwide, the work and professionalism of the precious judges of EVO IOOC 2020 were recalled. These judges who were the real engine of the contest’s complex organizational machine, present at the ceremony through Skype connection from Japan, Greece, and Italy.

Have been mentioned the international judges Aida Lazzez (Tunisia), Birsen Can Pehlivan and Mehmet Özgü Manisali (Turkey), Ehud Soriano (Israel), Cristina Stribacu, Eleftheria Germanaki and Kostas Liris (Greece), Miciyo Yamada, Hiromi Nakamura and Nori Ogido (Japan) were cited, Na Xie (China), Javier Sànchez Pedròs, Juan Baseda Torruella, Mª Ángeles Calvo Fandos (Spain), Francisco Ataíde Pavão (Portugal), Roberto Marchesini, Indra Galbo, Simona Cognoli, Nicolangelo Marsicani and Vincenzo Melissari (Italy). Were also presented the national judges (Lidia Viterale, Lucia Talotta, Antonio Maria Riggio, and Giuseppina Loria), all of them are expert professional tasters, who evaluated and awarded the EVOO and condiments in competition.

A look at the numbers.

The EVOOs and Flavoured EVOO in the competition has been 491, with an increase of 13%. Products entered from as many as 25 countries in the world from the North and South Hemisphere.

Very abundant the medals table. A total of 405 medals awarded in the contest, in the two categories Gold and Silver.

The Italian representative (179 entries), which is awarded 147 medals in total, followed by Greece (66 entries and 55 awards), Spain (62 entries and a total of 50 medals, between Gold and Silver), and Turkey (61 entries and 54 medals in total).

To enrich and complete the EVO IOOC 2020 medals list, the awards for Argentina (14), Azerbaijan (1), Belgium (4), Brazil (12), Canada (1), China (2), Croatia (4), France (1), Germany (4), Israel (2), Lebanon (5), Malta (1), Portugal (15), Slovenia (1), Tunisia (4), Uruguay (2) and the United States of America (26).

While, as far as the “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” section is concerned, 449 samples were received; 42.7% were certified (PDO/PGI and Organic), with 12.5% of POD/PGI and 30.2% Organic EVOO. The condiments, variously flavoured, were 42.

Monovarietal EVOO represents 65.3% of the total, with about 140 varieties, to recount the purest expressions and terroir of the world’s olive territories. Moreover, the remaining part (34.7%) was made up of blends, or coupage, containing on average two/three different varieties of olives.

Among all the medals awarded by 2020 EVO IOOC, the three Tunisian Gold Medals and the two Chinese ones are of high value, as well as the surprising – for the newcomers – “gold” recognition won with merit by Lebanon.

Also among the Silver Medals honor to Azerbaijan and Malta, as well as to the women of Israel, with products born in the context of a strong work of integration between the Arab and Israeli Community, directed by a non-profit organization formed exclusively by women.

Among all the EVOO in competition, three of the most important trophies (Best in Class), classified by individual categories and hemisphere, went to the world’s top Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil products from Calabria, Lazio, and Puglia.

Spain confirms itself at the top of the world and received two Best in Class. The other part of the world, the Southern Hemisphere, has been dominated by Brazil (three Best in Class). Very important to mention, among the special prizes, the Best of South America dedicated to the memory of Professor Ràul C. Castellani, co-founder of the competition.

These are the names of the winning companies of the “Best in Class” of 2020 EVO IOOC Italy:

EVO IOOC Best International Award North Hemisphere: Almazaras de la Subbetica. PARQUEOLIVA Serie Oro – DOP Priego de Cordoba (Spain)

EVO IOOC Best International Award South Hemisphere: Café Fazenda Sertãozinho LTDA. Azeite Orfeu – Blend da Safra (Brazil)

EVO IOOC Best International DOP/IGP 2020 – North Hemisphere SCA. Olivarera La Purísima. EL EMPIEDRO (DOP Priego de Córdoba) (Spain)

EVO IOOC Best International Organic 2020 – North Hemisphere: AZIENDA AGRICOLA ULIVETO SRL. “I GRANDI OLI SCISCI” PICHOLINE BIO (Italy)

EVO IOOC Best International Monovarietal 2020 – North Hemisphere: Az. Agr. Cosmo Di Russo. Caieta EVO (Italy)

EVO IOOC Best International Coupage 2020 – North Hemisphere: Azienda agricola sorelle Garzo. Dolciterre Rosi’ (Italy)

EVO IOOC Best International Monovarietal 2020 – South Hemisphere: LAGAR H AGROINDUSTRIA LTDA. Lagar H Koroneiki (Brazil)

EVO IOOC Best International Coupage 2020 – South Hemisphere: Prosperato. Prosperato Premium Blend (Brazil)

Special Awards and Best of Country:
Best International Flavoured EVOO: Laconiko. Laconiko Blood Orange. Greece

Special Award Ràul Castellani Best of South America: LAGAR H AGROINDUSTRIA LTDA. Lagar H Koroneiki (Brazil)

Special Award Best of Messinia: Anagnostopoulos A. Co. One & Olive Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Greece)

Special Award Best of Crete: Terra Creta SA. Terra Creta Grand Cru EVOO (Greece)

Special Award Best of Bajo d’Aragòn: MIO OLIVO (APADRINAUNOLIVO.ORG). DOP Bajo Aragon (Spain)

Special Award Scoglio dell’ulivo Best of Regione Calabria: Azienda agricola sorelle Garzo. Dolciterre Rosi’ (Italy)

Best of Argentina: Olivícola Laur – Millan SA. Contraviento (Argentina)

Best of Brazil: Prosperato. Prosperato Premium Blend (Brazil)

Best of Greece: Blaeuel Greek Organic Products. MANI Organic Greek Olive Oil Extra Virgin (Greece)

Best of Italy: Azienda Agricola Maselli di Maselli Maria Antonietta. Coratina (Italy)

Best of Portugal: Gallo Worldwide. Gallo Reserva (Portugal)

Best of Spain: Rafael Alonso Aguilera SL. Oro del Desierto Coupage (Spain)

Best of Turkey: Bozelli. Bozelli (Turkey)



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