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EVO IOOC’s History


The EVO IOOC competition was born in 2016, Dr. Antonio G. Lauro's great inspiration, who choose the best partners by creating an olive oil networking. Domina Hotels became a sponsor while establishing partnerships with Lauro International and VINAR SA Argentina.
The project also received the patronage of the Regione Siciliana, Istituto Regionale Vini e Oli di Sicilia, with the collaboration of UNASCO, ASSOFRANTOI, OP-CONFOLIVA and with the patronage of the Italian Government - Ministry of Agricultural, Food, and Forestry Policies. Right from the beginning, Dr. Lauro has been the President of the contest, which was declared the most important first competition in Italy and ranked among the top five international competitions dedicated to extra virgin olive oil.


This new edition was successful, receiving very positive feedback and interest from the producers from all over the world who understanding the potential of the contest and wanted to be part of it.
in this second edition, there was a 10% increase in the number of entries. In addition, a special guide, the D-IOOC Buyers Guide, has been created and has been brought to the attention of the Buyers, with a presentation of all the participants. In the 2017 edition, EVO IOOC boasts interesting numbers like those achieved by Italy: 154 EVOOs in the contest (44.4% of the total), 95 awards (55 Gold Medal and 40 Silver Medal, equal to 62% of the Italian EVOOs in competition).


In the third edition of the competition, new protagonists were introduced, and the organization took great advantage in creating successful collaborations.
First of all, the Municipality of Capaccio Paestum, a partner of excellence with a close network of partnerships with Barzanò & Zanardo Intellectual Property Strategic Consulting, Mondini Rusconi Law Firm, Alfa Pizza, UNASCO Scarl Organization of Producers, CLEMENTE Macchine Olearie, Euro Servizi Impresa, Agricolus, VINAR SA Argentina by Castellani and Associazione Oleum. This third season, introduced as well a full program of seminars, meetings, and lectio magistralis, confirming Dr. Lauro's ideas, and registering a 60% increase of participants in EVOOs in comparison to the first edition.


New location for the fourth edition of EVO IOOC contest. It was the City of Palmi, pearl of the Costa Viola and treasure trove of traditions declared oral and intangible heritage of humanity by UNESCO, to host the 2019 edition of the EVO IOOC contest. New and old partners including ITALIA OLIVICOLA Consorzio Nazionale, Barzanò & Zanardo Intellectual Property Strategic Consulting, Mondini Rusconi Studio Legale, CLEMENTE Macchine Olearie, DOP Bajo Aragon, Export USA, TEM Italia, Università Mediterranea di Reggio C., Regione Calabria, Elaioteca Regionale della Calabria, Comune di Palmi, Informatore Agrario.


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