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May 22 2019

Guided tastings and meeting with the judges of EVO IOOC, to have the privilege of closely observing and ``experiencing`` the magical atmosphere of a global EVOO contest. In the afternoon of 22 May 2019, the event ``EVOtaste - blind tasting guided by some EVOO of the contest``: tastings, small talk, direct confrontation between producers, judges and consumers.

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May 31 – June 1 2019

The EVO IOOC seminars will be held at the Meeting Room of CapoSperone Resort in Palmi. The usual training section, created by the competition and reserved exclusively for producers registered for the contest. In-depth seminars, organized by the world's leading experts, on topics of interest to the olive oil industry.

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Here are the seminars that we have designed for you

Olive growing and organic farming

May 31st 2019
9.00 am

✓ Production
✓ Labeling
✓ Controls




Avv. Omar Cesana
Food & Beverage Lawyer
Senior Associate, Mondini Rusconi Studio Legale

The brands in Agrifood

May 31st 2019
10.00 am

✓ Protect and enhance them
✓ A conscious choice
✓ Distinctive vs. descriptive
✓ Deposit solutions
✓ Surveillance
✓ Errors to be avoided
✓ Gli errori da evitare

Dr.ssa Alessandra Tedesco
Brand Manager
Studio Barzanò & Zanardo Intellectual Property

China: opportunities for extra virgin olive oil

May 31st 2019
11.00 am

✓ Data on the Chinese market
✓ Awareness of the Chinese consumer
✓ Case History: the Brands to conquer the market
✓ Promotion: how to reach the niche and mass market


Professional taster, consultant and Chinese market expert, he founded in Shanghai a company dedicated to culinary culture and EVO tasting

The EVOO Export for small Italian producers

May 31st 2019
3.00 pm

✓ Are you ready to export?
✓ How to choose the markets
✓ How to start the relationship and sell to importers, distributors and shops



Dr. Micol Vezzoli
TEM Italia srl

Neurovendita and Neuroscienza: how to capture the consumer

June 1st 2019
9.30 am

✓ Emotion theory
✓ The neurosemantics: how the brain reacts to sales proposals
✓ Words with suggestive value
✓ Cognitive maps
✓ Effective sales posture and proxemics



Dr.ssa Simona Colombo
consultant, designer and trainer for large and small companies

A new approach to face the American market

June 1st 2019
10.30 am

✓ How the market has changed
✓ What are the opportunities for European producers




Dr. Lucio Miranda
ExportUSA New York, Corp.

EVOO: authenticity and origin between legal protection and new technologies

June 1st 2019
2.30 pm

✓ EVOO: name, packaging, brand, designation of origin
✓ PDO/PGI: discipline, made in Italy and Italian Sounding
✓ New technologies for the certification of origin
✓ Anti-counterfeiting and use of technical-scientific evidence

Avv. Giorgio Rusconi

Food & Beverage Lawyer
Partner, Mondini Rusconi Studio Legale
Dott.ssa Giovanna Lampis
Agronomist – StarEcotronics s.r.l.

June 1st 2019

The EVO IOOC competition offers companies participating in the competition the opportunity to participate for free in EVOexpo Villa Mazzini 2019: exhibition and tastings open to the public of the EVOOs in the competition. EVO IOOC will make available to producers n. 20 stands with a table to display, present and sell their own EVOO (permits already granted by the Municipality).

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June 1st 2019 5.30 pm – Villa Mazzini Palmi 

Awards ceremony

Official award ceremony for the EVO IOOC EVO International Olive Oil Contest and announcement of the absolute winners (Best in Class, Best of Country, Special Awards).
Following the celebration of the winners

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EVO IOOC International Olive Oil Contest 2020