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CapoSperone is the ideal location for receptions, events and conventions. Surrounded by a wonderful amphitheatre of centuries-old olive trees, it is a place where the picturesque scenery of the Straits of Messina and the promontory from which it takes its name come together to create a unique and breathtaking environment.
The structure, entirely built in tuff, is overlooking the bay of the famous Costa Viola, opposite the historic Scoglio dell’Ulivo, a rock excavated for centuries, assumed as an emblem of Palmi.
The views and fine food make this location a favourite destination for those couples who dream of an elegant and refined marriage of relaxation and taste.

EVO IOOC 2020 has confirmed Palmi – Calabria, a setting of sun and beauty to celebrate the fifth edition of the competition that sees
the excellence of Extra Virgin Olive Oil production and the Condiments based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil as protagonists.

Halfway between the sea and the mountains, Palmi offers captivating natural setting.

And an international contest such as EVO IOOC, in 2019 celebrates its history and its successes
confirming as a location a city in the South Italy that tells of an Italy full of wonders.

Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, Palmi is located on a terrace overlooking a rich glimpse of the famous Costa Viola (Violet Coast),
a stretch of coastline that takes its name from the unique color that its waters take on at particular times of the day.

The Costa Viola is a clear sea window where the seabed holds fragments of history.


Balcony on the Tyrrhenian Sea

Monte S. Elia

Overlooking the sea

La guardiola

Emotions of light

Palmi by night

A paradise to discover

Many are the characteristics that make Palmi unique and give it the charm to be discovered. Essential a visit to the ``Marinella``, a fishing village of Palmi consisting by sparse houses and a small beach in front of a bay, enclosed between high spurs of rock.
It's worth a visit the “Scoglio dell'Ulivo”, a tiny islet a few meters from the coast, on whose top stands proudly a spontaneous olive tree plant.
Rich in natural beauties, Palmi boasts a wealth of traditions and rituals that have earned it, for the Varia, the recognition of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, counting it among those goods to be preserved by virtue of the traditions they hand down and which, as in the case of the Varia they have no written codification.

The charm of tradition

``La Varia di Palmi`` is a Catholic-popular celebration in honor of Virgin Mary (Maria Santissima della Sacra Lettera), patron and protectress of the city, which, on the last Sunday of August, gathers a huge following of faithful and fans of folk traditions, to discover customs and traditions with great emotional impact. The term from which the event takes its name is that of the great sacred chariot, La Varia, which represents the universe populated by its main protagonists, a majestic structure, supported on the shoulders by about 200 porters (named ``muttaturi``). The protagonists of the procession, the figures on the chariot, who interpret the apostles, angels, the Almighty Father, and the Virgin Mary. This last one interpreted by a child placed on the top of the chariot, 16 meters high to represent the soul of the Virgin Mary who goes to heaven abandoned her earthly body.